September 8th, 2005


MP's staff charged with defamation

The staff mentioned here are members of a small, hardcore group of anti-paedophile activists that broke away from 'Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse' (ASCA) on the grounds that ASCA was not active enough against paedophile rings. They are now being crucified by the media for alleging that a sitting MP was a paedophile - I had presumed that this whole farce was a case of bad timing, bad legal advice and terrible media management, until I read here that the staffers claim the story was leaked by someone else - in essence, that they have been set up.,5744,16464026%255E2702,00.html

The Australian
Jeremy Roberts
September 02, 2005

TWO volunteer staff members of former South Australian speaker Peter Lewis have been charged with criminal defamation after naming politicians and police officers as pedophiles.Collapse )