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1995: Man convicted of satanic ritual abuse in North Carolina

Credit to Alex Consantine.

July 5, 1995, STATE OF NORTH
CAROLINA v. MICHAEL ALAN PARKER, SR., COURT OF APPEALS OF NORTH CAROLINA, 459 S.E.2d 9, 1995 N.C. App. LEXIS 523, Convictions for Multiple Counts of Child Molestation Affirmed

Overview: Appellate documents state the defendant Michael Parker thought there should be a mistrial for several reasons, one of which was witness testimony that he threatened to bomb the woman’s shelter his wife and family were staying at. Defendant’s children all testified to several specific instances of sexual abuse.

The Court described children’s testimony: “…Defendant pulled down S’s pants and threw her on the floor and inserted a spoon into her vagina and moved it around. Defendant took blood that was on the spoon, put it in a cup and drank it while the others were standing around singing with lit candles.”…”S testified that when defendant took her to the woods behind her grandmother’s house and abused her in front of several people holding lit candles, another young girl, A Robinson, “started screaming at first and then she jumped up and she had no clothes on and she started running and her dad jumped up and started chasing after her through the woods.” 

On one occasion, defendant took M. to his grandmother’s house, where she removed his clothes and got on top of him on the bed and jumped up and down on his private parts. Defendant watched and did nothing. One of the spectators Travis Gordon, put his penis in M’s mouth. Defendant also placed his penis in M’s mouth. M. Testified to another similar incident with the same 4 people.

The grandmother, Mildred Parker, was named as a co-defendant and was convicted for indecent liberties with a child.

News articles describe the children testifying that Parker raped and sodomized them in the family’s trailer near Saluda and in nearby woods, often while other people wearing black pants and white shirts chanted. One child testified that on one occasion, defendant placed a brush handle into her vagina. Medical examinations of the three victims corroborated each of the victims testimony and indicated a diagnosis of sexual abuse. See “Dad Guilty of Abusing Children Sexually, Eight Life Sentences,” Greensboro News and Record, Feb. 6, 1994
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