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Update on ritual abuse case in Ireland

My abusers are still in Dublin, house of horrors victim claims
Kevin Doyle
Jan 9 2009

DALKEY 'house of horrors' victim Cynthia Owen says the paedophiles who abused her are still living in Dublin.

In an emotional TV appearance, the woman who was impregnated by her father at the age of 10, said a paedophile ring operated in the capital in the 1970s.

And although her father is now dead, she says that up to eight other child abusers are still alive and at large.

Ms Owen last night outlined in graphic detail the extent of abuse that occurred before and after she gave birth to a baby that her mother then stabbed to death with a knitting needle.

"They died laughing at me and taunting me," Ms Owen said of her parents on The Late Late Show.

She outlined how her dreadful abuse started as a very young child in her own home.

Describing the house as "dirty and chaotic", she said it was a place that was "filled with terror".

"My father was a very cold man, a very uncaring man," she said while her mother was "mentally abusive", "very evil" and "very devious".


"She sat up drinking all night and stayed in bed all day."

The 39-year-old said that she was first sexually abused by her father at the age of seven or eight.

"My father abused me first of all, then two other people in my family and then other people," she said.

On the first Monday of every month, she was brought to a building by her mother where she says she was sexually assaulted by a paedophile ring.

"It was planned and orchestrated. It was ritual abuse and it was a regular occurrence.

"My mother would take me and wait outside," she said.

The victim added that while no money was produced in the building, she believed that cash was exchanged afterwards.

"I was always drugged by my mother before being brought there.

"During those days I was a zombie, living in fear. You're on hyper-alert."

On another occasion, Ms Owen says she was abused by her father while her mother was in the same bedroom of their home.

"She [her mother] said 'you're the only one to complain'," Ms Owens said. "When I was young I didn't realise it was wrong. I thought all fathers did it."

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